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A Nutrition Client's Success Story

It has been such a honor to be part of Tree's journey. I am so thrilled for him and wish him all the best!! (To see pictures of his success go to:

From R J 'Tree' Greenwood:

My wife has to severely restrict sodium and carbohydrates but needs extra protein and calcium. I'm retired so I do the shopping and cooking. I was officially classified as morbidly obese. I needed help.

I went to Natalia for my wife. How was I going to deal with meeting my wife's needs and mine? While I was in her office, Natalia kept turning the focus back on me.

In addition to in-office counseling, a session took place in the produce department of a supermarket. I learned about vegetables and fruits that I considered exotic and had never eaten or used in a meal. Some are high in nutrition. Some are harmless sweets. Natalia suggested recipes and provided links to on-line sites. Veggies that I thought that I didn't like I learned to love. They just had to be prepared in the right way.

For one session, Natalia joined me for lunch at a Warrenton restaurant that's a favorite of mine and my wife. Natalia reviewed the menu items, ingredients and nutritional value. She went over nutrition from everything on the salad bar and the desserts. Getting a nutritious meal at a restaurant is a challenge.

For me, the best part is that I didn't go on a diet; I learned to prepare and eat nutritious food that tastes great. The results are in the numbers.

Waist size:

Before Natalia - 44" (with belly hanging over)

After N's help - 40" (belly inside the waistband)

3 months later - 38" (and can wear 36")


Before Natalia - 262 lbs

After N's help - 223 lbs

3 months later - 208 lbs and still losing

Not only do I look better and feel better, my health improved. I had a physical before my sessions with Natalia. I was a Type 2 diabetic and morbidly obese. My A1c was 6.2, pretty respectable for a diabetic. Have you seen all the TV ads about taking drugs to get under 7.0?

After about half my session with Natalia, I went in for a six month checkup and to get prescription refills. The lab results showed that my A1c was down to 5.7. That's 'pre-diabetic' range but my doctor said that I can't turn back the clock.

A few months after my last session with Natalia, it was time for another physical. I'm only a few pounds from crossing the line on the charts from obese to just overweight. When the lab results came back, my A1c was 5.2. I no longer take medication for diabetes; it's controlled by diet only. My doctor dropped diuretics from my prescription.

Thank you, Natalia.

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