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Adult & Pediatric Nutrition Counseling Testimonials


From NS:
I have tried for 15 or so years to address my weight and related health issues. I did so by trying to reduce all my food intake. It was unsuccessful because I was always hungry and felt somewhat weak. After a period of time it was over, not worth the effort.

When I started working with Dr. Schroeder in March, I had prediabetes and in need of a dramatic change in diet, or the physician would set a diet for me. Dr. Schroeder taught me the importance of knowing foods and how they interact with each other and my body. For instance, it is important to understand that carbs are in many types of foods such as fruits and some vegetables. I also learned how carbs and proteins work. Dr. Schroeder not only provided dietary

education that was my body specific, but also provided step by step coaching so that I would be successful.

I have been successful and want to build on it. Since March I have lost 60 lbs, and have reversed all my medical issues. I am more physically fit, have much more energy, and feel good.

All this has been accomplished while eating healthy and until full.


From E.G.:

Natalia has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She understands her clients are busy and tailors their plan not only to their lifestyle, but to their dietary needs. As a client who is severely lactose intolerant, it was particularly helpful to know that my needs could be met within my demanding schedule. 

It was so helpful to understand how much the food you put into your body not only affects your weight or digestion, but also affects your mood, overall well-being and health. I feel more confident making decisions about what to eat. I’m not on a diet; with Natalia’s help, I’ve restructured my eating in a way that makes sense to me so that I can feel my best. 

From R J 'Tree' Greenwood:

My wife has to severely restrict sodium and carbohydrates but needs extra protein and calcium.  I'm retired so I do the shopping and cooking.  I was officially classified as morbidly obese.  I needed help. I went to Natalia for my wife.  How was I going to deal with meeting my wife's needs and mine?  While I was in her office, Natalia kept turning the focus back on me.

In addition to in-office counseling, a session took place in the produce department of a supermarket.  I learned about vegetables and fruits that I considered exotic and had never eaten or used in a meal.  Some are high in nutrition.  Some are harmless sweets.  Natalia suggested recipes and provided links to on-line sites.  Veggies that I thought that I didn't like I learned to love.  They just had to be prepared in the right way.

For one session, Natalia joined me for lunch at a Warrenton restaurant that's a favorite of mine and my wife.  Natalia reviewed the menu items, ingredients and nutritional value.  She went over nutrition from everything on the salad bar and the desserts.  Getting a nutritious meal at a restaurant is a challenge.

For me, the best part is that I didn't go on a diet; I learned to prepare and eat nutritious food that tastes great.  The results are in the numbers.


Waist size:
Before Natalia - 44" (with belly hanging over)
After N's help - 40" (belly inside the waistband)
3 months later - 38" (and can wear 36")


Before Natalia - 262 lbs
After N's help - 223 lbs
3 months later - 208 lbs and still losing


Not only do I look better and feel better, my health improved.  I had a physical before my sessions with Natalia.  I was a Type 2 diabetic and morbidly obese.  My A1c was 6.2, pretty respectable for a diabetic.  Have you seen all the TV ads about taking drugs to get under 7.0?  After about half my session with Natalia, I went in for a six month checkup and to get prescription refills.  The lab results showed that my A1c was down to 5.7.  That's 'pre-diabetic' range but my doctor said that I can't turn back the clock.


A few months after my last session with Natalia, it was time for another physical.  I'm only a few pounds from crossing the line on the charts from obese to just overweight.  When the lab results came back, my A1c was 5.2.  I no longer take medication for diabetes; it's controlled by diet only.  My doctor dropped diuretics from my prescription.


Thank you, Natalia.

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