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Craniosacral & Manual Therapy Testimonials


From J.A., 03/2021: 

I woke up one morning with such severe stabbing back pain that it would take my breath away. I contacted Christie at Authentic Health, and through video-conferencing, she directed me to position my body in a way that brought immense relief within an hour. She walked my husband through a simple yet effective maneuver to stretch my spine. By the end of the day, my pain level dropped from a 10 to a 4, and as I continued to follow through on her suggestions over the next two days, the pain completely disappeared. So thankful for her knowledge and skills to be able to diagnose from a distance.

From C.C., 08/2019:I was suffering from intense lower back pain that confined me to my couch. Christie at Authentic Health was able to completely align my back and the pain was alleviated. When I left the office, I was

able to return to work, and have resumed my normal duties of life. Christie has been easy to talk to and answers all my questions. I have been back several times for other ailments, and always feel relieved and grateful.

From M.C., 03/2021:

I had a severely injured knee that forced me to walk on crutches to have mobility. I went to Authentic Health, and Christie worked on me, reducing the swelling so much in the knee that I walked out on my own - no crutches! Christie was easy to communicate with and answered all my questions. There was no one more pessimistic than me about this kind of treatment, but I have become a firm believer!


From Lori:

I am always amazed at how my body responds to Christie's work on me. I have been seeing Christie off and on for years, and I've never been disappointed in her treatments. I highly recommend seeing her for any of your health/body needs!

From: C.R:

My husband threw his back out while working (he turns large wrenches while working with heavy equipment, so hurts it regularly). He was in extreme pain and couldn’t move or walk for several days.  This type of injury had been happening once or twice each year, but this time it was severe so he went to the doctor.  He was told by the orthopedist that the only option was surgery as he had a compression fractureof his lower spine and a prolapsed disc which was pressing on his nerve. Christie worked with him over two days (two sessions back to back) to help. After the first visit he was able to move around without as much discomfort and had minimal remaining pain.  After the second session, she taught him exercises to do that would keep him from having this challenge repeated.  It has been several years and he has not had a single incident since that time. He still stretches and strengthens regularly with the exercises she taught him. I am grateful we didn’t do the surgery.

From C.A.:

Our little girl, Pnuema suffered a severe head injuries just before turning 2. Since then her vision and motor control of her eyes has been affected along with her vestibular and balance control system. In October of 2017 Christie worked on her for her vestibular control. Following the session she slept for almost an hour and a half. When she awoke changes began to be noticed immediately. She began doing cartwheels which the eye doctor said she would never do because of her depth perception challenges. We noticed the shape of her face changed to look more like her older sisters who she favored. Her face looked more relaxed and not so tight and drawn.


A recent visit to her optometrist was frustrating because she kept doing things that the doctor had told her she would never do, like the cartwheels in the small office. I didn’t realize the uncustomary “bad behavior” was actually to show off to the eye doctor that she had been wrong. She has a wonderful “I can!” Attitude now!

From L.M.:

Christie Pride has worked on me off and on for over ten years.  She has greatly helped my lower back spasms, neck pain and over all "balance".  When I see her, I feel less overall general pain, specific pain is eased and I feel refreshed and energized!  Several years ago my daughter woke up with a severe "crick" in her neck.  She couldn't move her head and had a varsity volleyball game coming up - and she was a starter.  I immediately called to see if Christie could fit her in, which she did.  After an hour of Christie working on her, my daughter was able to move her head freely and played volleyball with no issues!  I highly recommend Christie to anyone who needs help getting or keeping their bodies in working order!

From R. G.:

After a terrible car accident, I was left with debilitating pain and stiffness in my neck, as well as bruising and pain throughout my torso and legs.  From earlier experiences, I had come to trust in the healing hands of Christie as she had helped me previously through the pain of arthritis and compressed discs in my neck and back. A I was confident in her ability to help me heal again.

After each session, I experienced more and more comfort. The pain and stiffness continually decreased until they were  gone.  When treatment was finished, I was better than I had been in many years.  My mobility had returned, I was pain free, and it was all accomplished without any medication or pain relievers. I know I am blessed to have found Christie and am grateful I could go to her as an alternative to drugs and physical therapy which have never worked for me.

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