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Specialized Kinesiology

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Why Choose Specialized Kinesiology?

                            Specialized Kinesiology looks behind the symptoms caused by stress in the body.                                  During a kinesiology visit, biofeedback is used to assess where stress is lodged in                                  your body and how it can be reduced. The practitioner then removes the stress and clears the pathways that are blocked or limited using acupressure and other bioelectric and biomechanical modalities. It is a useful technique that can address most physical, mental, and emotional difficulties.


Having to continually respond to stressors (physical, mental, nutritional, emotional, etc.) is hard on the body-mind and signals between our brain and bodies can easily become compromised or unclear. This can then create a reduced flow or blockage, which can then reduce transmission and signals between neural pathways and tissues, creating various difficulties. Once blocks or imbalances in a system are identified, applied kinesiology works to gently open those pathways, thus clearing the stressors which led to the problem.

Specialized Kinesiology is a participatory process. The practitioner works to remove body stress while also using an educational model to help improve clients ability to recognize and adapt to stressors in a way that is more functional and effective. This helps reduce the vast array of health issues that are associated with chronic activation of our body’s stress response. Techniques include opening neurolymphatic and neurovascular points as well as activating various electrical pathways using acupressure points. 


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                               The first protocols were developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960’s.                                             Because of his protocols, Dr. Goodheart became the first chiropractor to serve                                        the U.S. Olympic Team. In 2001, he was recognized as one of Time’s Top 100                                           with Alternative Medicine Innovators of the 21st Century.  Over the years, specialized kinesiology has aided thousands of people in achieving breakthrough with chronic problems, both mental and physical, as well as provided pain relief and bony realignment after short-term injuries and ailments.   

Authentic Health uses a few of the protocols that were birthed from Dr. Goodheart’s discoveries.  These include Touch for Health (TFHK) and Stress Indicator Point Systems (SIPS, Levels 1-3) among others. 

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