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Authentic Health LLC was birthed in the home of two friends who shared a vision of reaching people with healing modalities that many had never heard of or did not understand. We believe that children with sensory processing struggles are often missed and "fall through the cracks", never being able to understand why they struggle or what might be needed to help them bloom and grow into the fullness of who they were designed to be. We believe adults with various challenges due to aging, past injuries, emotional and physical traumas, and other things, often search high and low for healing rather than just symptom management, yet are unable to find resolution. However, there are natural, hands-on, healing modalities which can address these very things. Authentic Health LLC was founded as a place where people can find true freedom and begin to more fully Live and experience Life as it's intended to be.

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My Story

Christie Pride is an Occupational Therapist who has been practice over 30 years. She is trained in traditional OT as well as healing modalities of craniosacral therapy and specialized kinesiology. She spent years specializing in pediatrics and has great understanding of how the sensory systems in children impact their ability to process and respond to their environments. Christie has had success in working with a multitude of clients


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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