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Specialized Kinesiology Testimonials

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From R.H., 03/2021:I went to see Christie at Authentic Health because I was experiencing lower back pain, overall stiffness and just a general malaise. When she completed her work, my back pain was gone! I deal with TMJ in my jaw and even that is clicking less. She even addressed my deviated septum and I'm breathing easier through my left nostril. My  whole experience with Christie from beginning to end was calming and peaceful. Along with the physical benefits, the benefits to my soul and spirit are immeasurable.


From A.D.:

Christie is amazing!  She has helped every member of our family in multiple ways,  but the biggest help was with my son.  

He had suffered since birth with a vestibular disorder that left him in a difficult situation of constant fight-or-flight.   Because if this,  his learning was tremendously effected. After seeing Christie, his brain was processing in a much faster,  more efficient way than ever before - he was more independent and the vestibular condition was corrected fully!  I am in great amazement at the complexity of the brain and how integration helps to align it into proper connectivity!  I highly recommend Christie!

From D.N.:

Christie did a kinesiology balance on me while I was recovering from a serious car accident. Her energy was very calming and her empathy was very evident as my body and emotions were sorting through trauma. I had an experience during her balance where I began to visualize what happened while I was trapped in my automobile. She was very patient and allowed me to take the time I needed to work through it. I left the balance feeling much more at peace with myself and had a lot of emotional and physical release. 

From C.B:

My 12 year old son has struggled with emotional regulation since he was two (noticeable anger issues) and academically since he was five.  With Christie’s use of kinesiology, he is in greater control of his emotions, his attitude is better, and his ability to process information is greatly improved. Additionally, his once awkward gait is now normal. He is more confident and no longer talks badly about himself all the time.  Christie has facilitated my son’s mind and body to heal emotionally, cognitively, and physically.

From J.W.:
I came to see Christie Pride for arm, shoulder and neck pain along with headaches and other pains I was experiencing. The work she has done has helped far more than any chiropractic I have done, and has lasted far longer. Her work has actually pin-pointed all the painful places in the body and I'm getting more and more healing with each appointment. 
In addition, Christie answered all my questions and was very easy to communicate and work with.

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