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Pediatric Occupational Therapy


Why OT

A child’s “occupation” is to play interactively, to move independently and complete daily activities with confidence.  We evaluate a child’s current abilities in relation to what is developmentally appropriate for their age. We then help them develop missing foundations which allow for success in areas that had been a challenge, addressing sensory, motor, social and behavioral skills.


Who Benefits

Kids with certain medical conditions or processing challenges benefit from OT services. These issues can include birth injuries, sensory processing disorders, learning challenges, traumatic injuries, autism and pervasive developmental delay, cerebral palsy, motor planning concerns/clumsiness, dyslexia and dysgraphia and more.

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Parents typically see improvements in self-regulation and independence. Children develop skills for assimilating and responding to data that comes in through visual, auditory, touch, and movement centers. This creates more positive experiences both at home and in school, providing increased capacity for emotional regulation, raised levels of confidence, and more independence for navigating daily life.

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