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In the final days of summer, let's cookout!

Although summer is coming to a close, there is still time to have a couple more grill outs to extend that summer feeling! Grilling doesn’t mean you only have the option of hot dogs and hamburgers. Actually, you can eat a completely healthy meal that tastes delicious.

Personally, I LOVE grilled vegetables!

Here are a few tips for a healthier grill out / cookout.

Instead of hot dogs and beef hamburgers have chicken breast, lean pork chops, and turkey burgers. Turkey burgers? Yup, so yummy you will be surprised. And don't forget the whole grain buns!

Many vegetables taste delicious grilled. You can put vegetables directly on the grill (don’t burn them / blacken them) or you can wrap them in tinfoil and grill. You can also make a nice mix of potato and vegetables wrapped in foil. I recommend boiling your potatoes before grilling them.

Here are just a few veggies you can grill:

Yellow squash



Bell peppers

Corn on the cob

Brussel sprouts




Romaine wedge



You can also make skewers of veggies with or without meat!

Thinking about baked beans? Why not have black beans and salsa instead? Another nice addition (or side) is raw veggies with hummus.

And dessert?

Mix all your favorite fruit together for a fruit salad.

Freeze yogurt sticks for kids (many adults like them too).

Freeze grapes and bring them out for a cooling treat.

If you feel like putting in slightly more effort, you can make real fruit frozen pops.

What about beverages?

Water with lemon

Sparkling water with flavor (instead of soda)

If having juice, get a juice made with 100% fruit juice

Limit alcohol as it also makes you want to eat more - go for the light beer options if you decide to have alcohol

But most of all, enjoy that time chilling with your family and friends in the summer evening before it completely ends!

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