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Wait a minute....what did you say I can do to minimize weight gain this holiday season?

In case you missed it….

Here is a recap from our “Eating Through the Holidays” seminar.

1. We had a super fun time!

2. We talked about the holidays and different foods we like to enjoy (and how to consume them in moderation or find healthier alternatives).

3. Some were brave and shared their holiday “triggers”. These “triggers” can lead to emotional eating and further overeating.

4. We ended with actions you can take to help reduce overeating and weight gain throughout this holiday season.

A few bullet points from our seminar:

· Be kind to yourself. Stop. Breathe. Reboot.

· Ask yourself what you really need in this moment before eating something.

· Keep healthy options, like veggies and fruit, readily available and baked goods harder to get to.

· Don’t lounge by the food table. Pace yourself.

· Stay hydrated and limit alcohol.

· Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite holiday food, but don’t overdo it.

· Move your body. Go for a walk after a meal.

· Be thankful for food and parties. Be sure to laugh with your family and friends. :)

If you would like alternative holiday recipes and/or further food and nutrition tips, contact Natalia at or at 571-364-0678.

I’m so excited for those who have signed up for our 12-week “Eating Through the Holidays” program! We are going to rock it!!

“Eating Through the Holidays” Program

Sign up for our “Eating Through the Holidays” 12-week program for a specialized plan for you! Get one 1-hour session free!! Contact Natalia today!

Phone: 571-364-0678

Can’t make it in person? I do nutrition counseling sessions over the internet! See Telenutrition at

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