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What is "Specialized Kinesiology"

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

What is specialized kinesiology? Kinesiology simply means the study of the mechanics of body movement. The specialized kinesiology protocols used at Authentic Health are manual modes of correction for the body in which blocked or hindered pathways in various systems (cerebrospinal, neurovascular, neurolymphatic, primo vascular, endocrine, respiratory, etc.) are opened so nutrients can flow to systems and toxins can be released. This returning the body to a more healthful state and taps into self-healing through self-regulation. Blocked pathways and impeded pathways can cause small and large problems in the body. You can picture it this way; if you have a build-up of toxins in a certain system due to hindrances, or if you have limited nutrients feeding a system or organ due to only a trickle getting thru, you are going to experience problems. The symptoms of this blockage can be exhibited in various ways. Everybody who has lived for any length of time has resistance in systems somewhere.

So, what causes these hindrances? It's something like a short circuit in an electrical process; picture a simple lamp. The electrical system feeding the lamp is straightforward, yet also somewhat complex. You can have difficulty in the wire that comes from the outlet to the base of the lamp such as if it is frayed or has a cut in it - this can cause friction (resistance) in the electrical flow and the lamp my work sometimes and not others, or the bulb may blink in and out. If the connection within the wall is off, nothing is feeding the bulb, and you cannot get the light to work. If the filament in the bulb breaks, that bulb cannot light. Our bodies are electrical beings; the nervous system drives us with impulses that control everything happening within. Much can go wrong that isn’t reflected externally for a long time. Each cell in our body has an oscillating circuit within it. This creates an electromagnetic wave, or frequency. Each organ system works on a different frequency. Thoughts and emotions also contain frequencies. Any system is at risk if it cannot sustain the frequency it is supposed to have for health. Friction or blockages will change the frequencies slightly, similar to adding a nail or paperclip to a closed circuit; it will still run, but the base of the system has changed.

Specialized kinesiology uses biofeedback to determine where the sources are for blockages that have led to the problem the person has come in for. Each part of this is "inputted into the circuit" and then specific points are held to increase the “amperage” to that area of the blockage, and to push through the “resistance." This allows the body to reboot its process of self-nourishment and self-regulation through that particular pathway. There are countless paths in our bodies, each unique. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Often there is history of poor nourishment, emotional blocks or hurts, past injuries or accidents, and so on. These will have built up internal imbalance which, over time, may “suddenly” present themselves as back and neck pains, emotional challenges, stomach issues, etc. There are so many ways the body can reflect what has been going on below the surface for years. Specialized kinesiology helps work the body back to the root and remove that which created the initial problem, which started the domino effect. It can take several weeks if the problem is long rooted and the body has grown accustomed to a “new normal,” or can be resolved in just a few sessions. Either way, each session with a kinesiologist is putting your body back toward health and resetting natural systems as they were designed to operate. Sessions are incredibly relaxing and amazing for clients as they step by step gain back ground to secrure freedom in their bodies and minds.

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