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Food of Our Lives

When thinking about the title for this nutrition blog post, I thought about how food is like a soap opera and for some silly reason I thought “Food of Our Lives” could be a play on the long time well-known soap opera “Days of Our Lives”. So let me explain my thought process here. Everyone needs food to eat. You can’t exist as a human without food and water. Food shapes our lives in so many intricate ways. Holidays are filled with food. There can be much nostalgia around food. Good memories and bad ones are many times created around food. We can bless our food and we have holy food such as communion at a church. Thus, many emotions are associated with food and vice versa. I think I maybe know one person that eats purely for energy and that’s it.

Then you have our American culture, which focuses on quick, easy, and greasy meals. Most people demand a large quantity of food for very little money at a moment’s notice. And if that is not provided, we think there is something lacking in that food establishment. Now not everyone thinks and acts this way, but overall we see this type of scenario in our culture.

Then you have fad diets coming and going with each season. You have prominent media figures telling you you have been eating the wrong foods all along and that you should be eating this particular superfood or that supplement and in combination with this other superfood. Whoa, that makes me exhausted. I say, “Hold up”. Let’s take a step back and critically think about this. Have these people giving guidance studied nutrition? Do they understand how the body works? Do you they know you personally and what your body really needs?

This makes food quite complex yet totally simple at the same time. What do I mean? You have your own emotions around food intertwined with an overall unhealthy food environment, and constantly changing nutrition messages. Yet, the simple message has remained: eat more vegetables and fruit, eat less processed food and get more exercise. It is because this is true. The wonderful thing is that we can just be simple again. Eating basic whole foods is simple and the best for you. You don’t need a fancy recipe to be eating whole foods.

How can you get back to the basics?

Call me. Email me. Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. I’m here to help you navigate your relationship with food and get back to the basics. I’m here to help you find the foods that nourish your body, your needs, and your lifestyle. I’m here to make changing your eating habits simple. I’m here to walk beside you through this process.

Happy Eating,


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