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Anniversary and New Year!

It has been an incredible year at Authentic Health LLC, and we would like to thank each and every one of you who have visited our practice or sent friends our way. Though our doors have only been opened for a little over a year, we have been wonderfully surprised at the providence bestowed. From September 15, 2019 to today we have seen amazing growth and stabilization of our business. Most new businesses do not have such increase in the first year. We are very thankful and celebrate the blessing!

We started Authentic Health LLC on a wing and a prayer with minimal investment of funds, no business loan and no pre-established clients - just faith that we were where we were supposed to be. Christie and Jeanne did the foundational legwork through the summer of 2018. Natalia joined us just prior to opening day, leading to a needed office space expansion one month later.

Providers here assist from hearts of compassion and understanding. We come alongside of people, helping to discern the root of the issue being presented. We then support their move to freedom with assurance and hope. Christie has been able to facilitate nerve and tissue pain relief, positive health and emotional shifts, and freedom from ongoing and debilitating physical issues that others had not been able to get to the root of. Her pediatric OT practice has provided many families and kids with more confidence and capacity for their school-related needs, processing challenges, and confused sensory reactivity issues. Natalia’s nutrition counseling services have successfully blessed many families as well ~ from parents of picky eaters to adults with health challenges related to poor nutrition choices and/or obesity. Disordered eating is one of her areas of specialty, but she has demonstrated capacities in all areas of nutritional interventions. Working together, she and Christie have tackled very complex cases and provided healing relief from pain and inflammation that had not been solved by others. The positive testimonies have been encouraging and joy inspiring. We are so grateful to be able to serve people hope!

Looking ahead there are new things on the horizon. Natalia is nearing the finish of Doula training and will be offering childbirth and breastfeeding classes, as well as focusing nutritional support groups for eating disorders. Christie will be providing training and support to families dealing with children with sensory processing challenges, which have become more prevalent today. We will also be focusing on consistency with blog posts. Look for new titles to help you find the information you may be seeking ~ Nuggets from Natalia and Coffee with Christie will head up the posts to help facilitate your searches

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