Bioresonance Testing

Through Dr. Chena Anderson, ND, we offer a complete bioresonance analysis which includes the following testing:

  • Nutritient Deficiency Assessment

  • Hormonal Profile

  • Information Analysis


You will also receive a personalized frequency-matched imprint unique to you, along with a personalized nutritional/supplemental program frequency matched to your body’s unique nutritional and biochemical needs.  


Dr. Anderson has been a naturopathic doctor for 22 years. In addition to bioresonance testing, she practices Neurological Synchronization Techiniques which aid in better brain and body function.  

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She has trained in all levels of both SIPS and LEAP, and teaches TFH, Kinesiology, and Neurological Synchronization, which aids the body in creating a balanced immune system, creating a more efficient cleansing system and establishing restorative processes for a healthier mind and body.


Contact Christie Pride to book your appointment. The fee of $225 is due with your visit.