Adult Nutrition Counseling

Why Choose Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition Counseling gives you evidence-based knowledge and empowerment to make better for you food choices on a daily basis. There are many mixed messages about nutrition in the media (and everywhere). Nutrition Counseling provides clear guidance and application on eating for optimal health based on your personal health and goals. You truly are what you eat and everyone is unique, thus, at Authentic Health you receive personalized Nutrition Counseling. Making dietary changes takes time. At Authentic Health, we are here to meet you at your current lifestyle with no judgement. Nutrition Counseling provides a template for the average American to make lasting changes. 

Who May Benefit from Nutrition Counseling?

A variety of conditions or situations in addition to disease prevention can be served from Nutrition Counseling:

  • Weight loss/gain 

  • Weight management

  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

  • Other diet-related issues such as lactose intolerance

  • Prevention of disease

  • Eating for your age

  • Personalized meal planning

  • Recipes related to personalized meal planning

  • Reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists

  • Determining how to choose foods in the supermarket

  • Eating on the run (eating away from home)


What Can People Hope to See from Nutrition Counseling?

People who receive Nutrition Counseling see an improvement in their overall health. Nutrition Counseling leads to people feeling empowered to make healthier food choices which lends to a reduction in weight, better management of blood glucose (diabetes), normalization of lab values, reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol, and possibly disappearance of the disease. Many people find they don’t have to take many of their medications once they modify their diet. Eating healthy foods gives people more energy, fewer cravings, a better mood, and greater concentration. 

"When I started working with Dr. Schroeder in March, I had prediabetes and in need of a dramatic change in diet, or the physician would set a diet for me. Since March I have lost 60 lbs, and have reversed all my medical issues."

"Natalia has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She understands her clients are busy and tailors their plan not only to their lifestyle, but to their dietary needs. I’m not on a diet; with Natalia’s help, I’ve restructured my eating in a way that makes sense to me so that I can feel my best."

"I was officially classified as morbidly obese and a Type 2 diabetic.  I needed help. I went to Natalia. For me, the best part is that I didn't go on a diet; I learned to prepare and eat nutritious food that tastes great.  The results are in the numbers.  Not only do I look better and feel better, my health improved.  A few months after my last session with Natalia, it was time for another physical.  I'm only a few pounds from crossing the line on the charts from obese to just overweight.  When the lab results came back, my A1c was down so I no longer take medication for diabetes; it's controlled by diet only."                                                                                                                        Read more testimonials

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